ernest race

Anteope chair finished



After purchasing this ensemble of Antelope chairs and bench by Ernest Race, designed for the Festival of Britain in 1951, I decided to embark upon recreating the bent ply seats that were original to the design.

Firstly I tried to buy the seats ready made from London but without any luck and therefore started a project without any prior knowledge of steaming, forming and bending ‘bent ply’.

A totally hand made and finished job, taking several weeks to clamp each seat into the desired curve. A Birch veneer was applied to all seats then drilled uniformly where water would accumulate (since this is outdoor furniture) and aluminum bolts inserted through each corner attaching the seat to the frame.

Final finish was  to apply 5 coats of marine varnish for extreme waterproofing.
Hopefully they will see another 50 years of treasured care!

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